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31st-Jul-2008 08:00 pm - 1000 Icons and Reason why I love my sister #427
do you know what i did today?

uploaded my 1000th icon.


It's the one i am using on this post. I find it a very good choice for #1000. It is made by the BRILLIANT [info]ohfreckle.

I was thinking about commemorating this moment with a post of my top 10 or 20 favorite icons thus far uploaded...but i think it might take me a really long time to choose. I do so love them all. *pets my pretties* So maybe not.


ION: yesterday my sister and I were helping my mom assemble tiny little drink umbrellas for a charity event and I had a big stack of orange ones. I got annoyed with my limited color palette and said, "God can you give me something other than fucking orange."

To which my sister looked up and smiled and said, "Well. Orange is the new blue."

I fucking love my sister.

Also...THANK YOU [info]squeaky for whatever you have done to fix my loading of the was super fast today!
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