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Sep. 27th, 2009

On The DVR

This is even more embarassing than when I tell people what is on my top 25 on my ipod.

1. Dollhouse
2. Glee
3. Project Runway
4. Top Chef
5. Hell's Kitchen (C's fault but I totally watch it with her)
6. The City and The Hills (um, that's all me, I have to watch it in secret when C is sleeping, and this where the list gets embarassing)
7. Models of the Runway (I just can't help myself)
8. The Vampire Diaries (It's terrible, but true)
9. Attack of the Show
10. Machines of Malice (C watches that one while I'm sleeping)
11. Various assorted football and baseball games...also watched while I'm sleeping.
12. Bones (Although I don't watch this much, C does)
13. 30 Rock

That's it so far.

What's on your DVR? Or your must see tv list. Any recommendations. I know you are all watching True Blood. But I don't get that channel :( so I can't join in the fun.

Jul. 20th, 2008

TeeVee on DeeVeeDee no spoilers

This weekend i finished watching Big Love, season 2. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL JANUARY!!! for s3, yo. That is just cruel!

Last night we watched the first 4 episodes od Dexter, season 1. Considering we watched all 4 episodes we were currently in possession of in one night, I guess that tells you if i enjoyed it or not. OMG NEED MORE NOW!

I also finished watching season 3 of The L Word I'm so iffy about that show. I go on these binges where I have to watch like 5 episodes in a row and then i just get all Meh about it. There is a lack of chemistry and humor on that show :(

May. 21st, 2008

american idol

is anyone else vaguely disturbed by the american idol kids singing father figure?

i mean, i love g. m. and i love that song...but um...i don't want to hear a 17 year old on american idol singing it, kthnx.

just my humble opinion. mom is making me watch is, yes, yes she is, kthnx. hehe.