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Aug. 16th, 2009


I've been all over the US, I only have 5 states left to see. I've been to many parts of Canada and to Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, France and the Bahamas. And I was thinking today about what are the most amazing places I've ever seen or been, and if I had to choose, what would be my top 10 be.

1. Yellowstone
2. The Olympic Peninsula
3. The Bay of Fundy
4. Mt. Rainier
5. Red Square
6. St. Petersburg
7. The Mid-Maine Coastline, New Harbor and Monhegan Island particularly
8. Boston, MA (of course I'm biased, I lived there so long)
9. Quebec (the city and the provence as a whole)
10. Whale Watching...pick your location, it's an amazing experience no matter where i've done it from. (Tadoussac, New Brunswick, Maine, Puget Sound, and Mass)

There are a lot of places that didn't make the cut, that are spectacular, but these are the places that touched my soul the most. If I thought I would never see these places again it would make me unbelievably sad.

If I were making a second list of the most cool places i'm incredibly glad i've been to but don't need to go back to it would be:

1. Paris
2. LA
3. San Francisco
4. The Grand Canyon
5. NYC
6. Prince Edward Island
7. Washington DC
8. The entire state of Florida
9. Disney World
10. Yosemite

And finally, my top 10 list of places I've yet to go and want to the most. Other than Alaska being first on the list, the rest isn't in any particular order.

1. Alaska
2. Glacier National Park
3. Australia/New Zealand
4. Ireland
5. Italy
6. New Orleans
7. Hawaii
8. Iceland
9. Africa (I know...that one is a bit broad)
10. The Galapagos Islands

I think I shall need to win the lottery to accomplish this last list, but a girl can dream.

Jan. 13th, 2008


I'm home.

I lost my phone in the airport.


don't forget the marathon starts tomorrow. please join me. thanks for pimping ellen, i'm too tired to enthusiastically do so.

also...if you haven't already gone permenantly insane, as of march 1st, it will no longer be an option except during special, you know, it's 40 bucks, yo, get one!
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Ny in LA part Two

in which she tells you about how window shopping made her want to slit her wrists, being a tourist, getting escorted out of LACMA heehee, and tells you ways in which you are more likely to die )
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Jan. 10th, 2008

Ny in LA

randomness, wherein i talk about what i've been doing in venice, my s1 daphnesque clothing/shoe choices, qaf moments, the joys of eating in CA, not bleeding, and how i'd go fangirly if i ever saw joss whedon )

Jan. 8th, 2008

what is my damage???

i have to leave for the airport in 8 hours...i haven't even done my laundry yet, much less packed. what am i waiting for? argh.

i think i did the same thing when i went to boston in march...*goes to look, you know, rather than doing the laundry*

i need at least 5 procrastination icons. and i don't even have one. well this is almost one...but not really.

ETA: I leave in less than 7 hours...i just put my clothes in the dyer.

LA Bound

Dear Flist,

Just like s4 Justin...
I am LA bound.

Leaving you all behind not to mention missing the premiere of ghost hunters international makes me feel like this...

But I will be looking forward to our ridculously hot reunion sex.

And looking foward to seeing where it all began when i return, with all of you on Monday night at [info]qaf_marathons. :D

now i need to go pack. :( please go read the hot porn at [info]bj_action for me, kthnx, and don't forget to leave the authors lots of love, it's the only form of payment they get for their efforts kids :D

Jan. 5th, 2008

Countdown to LA

So you live in Milwaukee where the nicest store you have access to is freaking Macy's and you are going on a trip to LA for 4 days. You have a shopping budget of $500 because you've only been employed for a little over 2 months and you spent way too much on christmas gifts. There is absolutely nothing you need except maybe a car and a new cellphone, but those will come later in the year, when you've recovered from the trip to LA.

So my friends...What is Your Mission?

sorry in advance, i am ungodly tired, which means i have trouble entertaining myself, so there is very good chance i could be a little spammy again today.
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Sep. 25th, 2007

map meme

Swipped from a whole shitload of people on LJ. I was trying to do all 50 before i hit 30, but i failed, so now i'm trying to finish them up before i hit 35. btw, my qualification is that i have to have actually done something in each place, a layover/drive-thru without stopping doesn't count.

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

canada and the rest of the world under the cut )
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