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Jun. 2nd, 2010

Health Updates. November and my Dad ... Also TV and Comics

I feel bad that this is all i'm posting about these days. But its consuming my brain.

At least when I'm not watching total garbage tv, thank you Wipeout, The Hills, The City, Hell's Kitchen, and not so garbage tv, thank you So You Think You Can Dance and Glee. Its a good vacation from my brain.

I've also been powering through some graphic novels. Kick Ass was as awesome as the movie, almost. V for Vendetta was good but totally different from the movie and I really liked the move. And so far I'm thoroughly enjoying Angel: After the Fall.

But back to the health updates, which will explain my serious need for some escapism. )

Jan. 4th, 2008

because i know there are buffy fans on my flist...*ignores red*

Nothing to watch on TV because of the Writer's Strike??

How about Buffy on Tuesday Nights? Just like the old days. :D

[info]buffylives it's not my idea, but it's pretty fucking awesome anyway.

So I've got [info]buffylives on tuesdays, [info]ghost_hunters on wednesdays...anyone up for a little qaf from the beginning on another night of the week?

I promise, this is my last post tonight. because i have to get up at 5am so i can feed the monkeys!!!

ETA: k, i think we are going to do the qaf thing...will probably make an asylum...discussion of anything, but no hatin on anyone kthnx...more tomorrow...but now i have to go to bed cause vlredreign told me to i'm very freakin tired.
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