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Oct. 15th, 2012

Missing Icons?

I actually didn't lose a lot. So if there are ones you a missing, and we have similar tastes, take a peak at my user pics, I have around 1200, you might find some you a missing. Most of what I lost was non-qaf.

Oct. 13th, 2012

Goodbye little pics

In the great userpic tragedy of 2012 it seems 54 of my little darling have fallen victim. I think I have most of them backed up. So now it is just a matter of if I have the drive to reload them or not. Considering I haven't posted on here in over a month, I probably won't. None of them were absolute favorites. Although there were a few I might go in a reload. My Glee pics seem to have been hit the hardest. I do need a little Kurt and Rachel in my life.

A lot of people seem quite upset about this, and part of me can understand why. The other part of me says you should expect that this can happen any time to any thing you own that isn't able to be held in your hand. Movies. Music. eBooks. Pictures. In fact you could unknowingly violate some random term of service and have your electronic devices bricked and all those things you think you own, poof! Gone. Or something like this, where something just fails. We hope it never will happen. But it can. And you should expect it to at some point. And prepare yourself accordingly. And when it does, have a little understanding in your heart. We like this place because it isn't some giant money making corporation. But that means using it might be a little riskier. Then again, sometime giant money-making corporations fail on us too.

They are just tiny little pics. That are probably mostly replaceable. And if they aren't. That is kinda your own fault for not backing them up.