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May. 19th, 2008

When Fangirls Collide

Today was my last full day in DC. At noon [info]pendulumchanges called me and said, "Ny, where are you?" And I said, "Um, I'm just leaving." hee.

so we met at about 1230 outside the hirshhorn. i got there first and nervously called [info]happier_bunny and said, "bunny, i'm nervous and scared." and bunny laughed at me and then this tiny little fangirl came up to me and hugged me, and well, i really didn't need to be nervous and scared.

ANDOHMYGODMEETINGSQUEEFULFANGIRLSISSOFUN!! :D because, you know, when you walk into an exhibit and see a whole lot of paintings by de kooning and randomly squee, just from the name, well, non-fangirls just wouldn't understand, yo. It also inspired me to start a new porny b/j series. I actually already wrote the very first one, posted it long ago, the next one will be coming soon i think :D

After the hirshhorn, we went to the national gallery, which is freaking gigantic. we kind of wandered the main building and then looked a little more closely at everything in the East builiding which houses the more contemporary art, which is my preference in art, and i thank pend for humoring me. It was awesome. We played the "which painting in the room would you steal?" game. discussed brian and photography, and fanfic and lots of other fangirlie stuff.

After that we walked down the national mall up to the lincoln memorial and then all over the place that i'm sure pendy could tell you where, but um, i have no idea, hee.

then we stopped for mexican for dinner. and pend was like, ok, we are near my house, let's watch an episode...of course i thought this was a horrible idea.

we watched two :D 314 and 401 and YAY for squeeing over the adorableness of brian and justin and pretty hair with another fangirl!

tomorrow i shall be turning old, and heading home, but tonight i'm going to bed full of teh love, kthnx.

Thank you Pend! for being my tour guide and hanging with me and lot's of squeeage.

ps...pend will tell you i snort, it is true, i do. but, um, she does too, kthnx although not nearly as much as me

pps...i so need that fangirls alert icon for this post.

ppps...i will pop in to [info]qaf_marathons tomorrow, but for tonight, tweedy did a faboo job, so stop in and squee with her, kthnx.

Apr. 20th, 2008

tales of joy and woe

Dear fandom,

Alas, bunny killed me and dumped my body in the lake my computer has truly broken. I do not know when my body shall be discovered how long it will take to be fixed, if it even can be. Something is physically broken inside of it. So I have no idea what my online capabilities will be the next couple weeks. I am going to purchasing a new computer, but I can't do that until April 28th at least. Dammit.

Of course, i never really go away. But i won't be able to do any graphics. I won't be able to do marathons. And i won't be nearly as active until my computer woes are solved.

So, i'm not sure what i'm going to do about marathons. I will probably cancel tomorrow night unless i can find someone to fill in for me. Although i hate to cancel, it might not be able to be helped.

ION, i had a blast with [info]happier_bunny we watched 16 episodes...yes, we are kind of insane. *grin* it was lovely. And we talked about many things, mostly how much we love brian, and justin, and brian and justin, and how adorkable brian really is, and what a giant schmoopball he really is, and how justin's extreme prettiness in the second half of season 5 nearly makes up for the brian's, um, lack of teh pretty in large chunks of s5. Basically i think i've never loved the boys more. zomg, they are so wonderful. if you are feeling lacking in the love lately, i highly recomend viewing large doses of the show to revive yourself.

Finally...*looks at flist* um. [info]queer_as_tweak. contest. drabbles. points. Season one. Prizes. Remember??? No? well go look! :D and post. and win semifabulous prizes. you only have until wed. night!

Apr. 19th, 2008

[No Subject]


i don't generally do birthdays on my flist, cause i'm a bitch. :D but it's ilaria, yo. :D

sorry it's a day late my dear. yesterday i was at work and on the road :(

And Hello my flist, I arrived safely. [info]happier_bunny and i haven't killed each other yet :D

We've watched some qaf vids, and 3 episodes, there was a lot of squeeing.

Which episodes? 406, 118, and 204. in that order, we are a bit random. but they are just so good! except vic dying, that wasn't so good, but the rest? SO GOOD!

now we are actually going to leave the hotel. enjoy your day fangirls (and boys).

Apr. 17th, 2008

road trip

ok, so the furtherest i've ever driven by myself is 20 minutes.

i one time drove up north, a 3 hour trip, with my dad in the car.

i've been on the freeway less than 10 times.

tomorrow i shall be driving from wisconsin, through chicago, through northern indian and into michigan....during rush hour.

*has a moment of hysterical laughter*

i'll be fine right.

and bunny, if you are reading this...I WILL BE FINE...please do not fret.


This week has sucked major ass. In too many ways to bore all of you with.

But you know what? I don't care. I don't even care that i am going to sit in traffic tomorrow night for 10 hours and probably get lost because the furthest i've ever driven before by myself was 20 minutes.

You know why I don't care???

Because at whatever time I finally arrive at my destination tomorrow night i will be a state and a giant lake away from all my cares and woes...and there will be a wonderful lovely [info]happier_bunny waiting for me with 5 seasons of Queer as Folk.

Life is good, yo.


oh and...Pimpage: Check out the challenge at [info]queer_as_tweak there are lame ass prizes at stake! teehee. And don't forget to tag your entries with: season 1