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16th-Oct-2007 10:18 pm - traumatized for life.
*curls up into fetal position and weeps*

why, why is Ny so upset you ask???? is it because she is unemployed? getting rejected left and right?

No. it is not. It is because Ny, the person whose answer to have you read this yet is usually "No," and then everyone threatens to kick her out of the fandom because how could she have NOT read that?? went out today, on her own, and thought "I am going to find some fic, and read it!" So she read on and off all day long, this one fic, and she loved it madly, and then she got to the "end"

and it said... *WAILS* "cont..." only it never was!!!! and there was NO warning that this was the case.

ETA: i'm never reading anything new again. i'm just rereading things i already know end for the rest of my life. ok, that's a lie. i don't mean it. i will still read new things. cause frankly, i get really annoyed when people say they refuse to read anything new, so clearly i don't mean that literally. i'm just a little heartbroken right now *sniffles*

and yes...not finishing a WIP should be PUNISHABLE BY EXTREME TORTURE. (unless you are writing about come-spewing!smelly!fat!asthmatic!agoraphobic!justin...then please, for the love of all that is holy, just stop)
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